Health benefits

CalmBar will host regular research-based breathwork classes, including one-on-one coaching sessions in our spacious Breathe Studio (please register your interest below). 

Case studies have shown the power of various breathwork techniques have over our internal nervous systems. We can consciously use our breath to find a place of relaxation, directly altering the state of our autonomic nervous system. Conversely, we can stimulate the body and mind for energy, vitality and focus. This is the chamber of our bodies that addresses and regulates our blood pressure, heart rate, respiration and digestion. Within it, exists the sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathetic (rest and digest) divisional systems.

Through certain breathwork practices, we consciously alter and control the breath, knowing that the inhale will increase the heart rate, whereas the exhale sees its rate decrease; thus activating the parasympathetic division, furthermore stimulating the vagus nerve; allowing our heart, brain and lungs to work closely with one another.


A calm space to breathe, relax, recover and rejuvenate

By manipulating our breath through different techniques, we can promote positive mental and physiological change over time. 

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