Infrared sauna 

Health benefits

The heat and light of the infrared sauna penetrate the muscles and joints, providing deep tissue relief whilst also promoting greater circulation resulting in detoxification, improved skin health, greater immunity, a reduction in stress and improved sleep. Ultimately, a happier and healthier attitude to life.

Regular usage of sauna may lead to improved cardiovascular health, reducing the likelihood of stroke or fatal events related to the cardiovascular system due to an increase in the blood flow and heart rate. These responses are the same mechanisms triggered in both the brain and the body that one experiences during a cardio workout.

Due to the rise in body temperature, the body releases dynorphins - the opioids responsible for that agitated feeling pronounced in the body. In this context, they’re viewed as the prerequisite to what becomes endorphins, as they biochemically shift us into an enhanced state felt both physically and mentally. This explains the mild euphoric sensation we experience after having a sauna session.


A calm space to breathe, relax, recover and rejuvenate

We provide a nurturing environment where you can explore your limits, build resilience, and uncover the clarity of inner peace. Elevate your consciousness, heal your body, change your life.

You feel better, look better, sleep better, isn’t that just what you need?